Computer Clueless? Fix Common Computer Problems

Have you ever one of those moments at the computer where you are just sitting there scratching your head?  Once you figure out what the problem is you smack your forehead because it was so simple yet at the time you could not figure out what the problem was.  A lot of people are like that when it comes to their computers unless of course, you are very computer savvy.  Just a casual computer user will not know some of the very simple problems that occur with computers or how to fix them.  So let’s look at a few problems that may occur on your computer.

Sometimes our computers run slow.  Not when you are the internet, because that would be a different solution, but when you are working offline.  You can solve this by getting rid of the unused software.  You can go to the start menu and pull up all programs and uninstall the software.  Also, you want to defrag regularly and complete any system updates that are needed for your computer.

Do you have an unresponsive window or computer freeze?  By holding control, Alt, and delete together you can end the task.  If this does not work, press and hold your power button.  This will restart your computer.

If your computer shows you an error message you can write down the numbers and look it up on the Microsoft website.  Microsoft has an auto-fix feature that will fix a number of errors.  F1 on a PC gives you the help screen in any program that you are actively running.  This is a good tool to use for programs that you may not be familiar with or with new software.