Social Media and Its Top Roles in SEO

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SEO is all about being able to grow organically and come up with an organic and effective internet marketing plan. It is a must to pay attention not only to SEO but also to content marketing and even social media.

SEO’s algorithm constantly changes by the day. Social content is consumed at a rather alarming rate which increases day by day. As people continuously turn to social media platforms to interact and search, it becomes more imperative for brand agencies and businesses to enhance their design thinking, content, and presence.

Social Signals

This is one category filled with lots of misinterpretations. Many people believe that when an article is shared many times, its rank on Google will improve. However, this is not the case. Social signals don’t have anything to do with how popular a piece of information is. Instead, it is about the number of users sharing the piece from the on-site page of the business with the use of social share buttons. Google measures rankings this way. However, the content’s quality, the authority of the business, and the inbound links play a more important role in determining the rankings of a page. 

Social Media Channels Function Like Search Engines

The best way for you to move forward is through treating social platforms the same way you treat search engines. This way, the chances of increasing rank and discoverability are increased. The main idea here is to be right where potential customers are, offering them with information, content, and results they are particularly searching for.

Having said this, it is a must to remember that search visibility cannot be notably improved by information shown in a social media page. The social profiles can help users find information but in an indirect manner. Once Google assesses a certain page’s local rank and offers information, it does it through external network of directories and third party websites. These directories acquire information from several web sources like the social platform of the business. For this reason, filling up all important details in social profiles gives business an edge when it comes to accuracy and visibility in online listings.

Get More Inbound Links and Visibility

This is probably the best and most valuable method that helps the SEO campaigns of any business. Provided that these are earned the natural way, inbound links can be considered as the most dependable builders of authority in the SEO world. However, these are often hard to earn unless these are built directly with the guests posts and other methods. A guaranteed way of growing the number of inbound links a site receives is through increasing the number of people encountering its content. It works as simple as that. If the website’s content is of excellent quality and people are linking to the page as the result, an increase in the number of audience by a good amount will earn the site a minimum of 10 new inbound links. These will all be natural, coming from various sources.

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Green Genie SEO – Why User Experience Matters A Lot for SEO?

The Local GTA SEO Scene

Have you seen a website with endless paragraphs of hard to complete forms, long paragraphs of text, annoying popups or unclear navigation?

There are times that you have no choice but to scroll and click-through the chaos due to frustration. On some sites, since there’s less room for grace, there is high time to check out the competition. This means that user experience is important to the success of a website. Not only because you like visitors to stick around and explore sites, but also to boost the number of individuals finding your site in Google searches. This is why Green Genie SEO also pays attention to user experience and considers it as an important element in SEO.GTA SEO

Google is Becoming Smarter Daily

Google wants to offer the searchers the best results. This is their way to ensure that people would keep using their search engines, in turn, enabling the company to sell more ads. Traditionally, search engine powerhouse aims for 2 criteria to determine how high the page would rank in the search results. The deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence of Google become more sophisticated and take page layout as well as time spent on the page into consideration. Google has not released the criteria or how they’re weighted, yet they hinted in different publications that user experience is a major factor.

Visitors Like a Website That is Easy to Navigate

User-friendly websites start with accessibility. No one likes to wait several seconds for a fully load site. As the internet continues to evolve in the mobile world, the load speed of a website has been an important factor for ranking. It is also important that your visitors find it easy to navigate some relevant pages on your website.

Ask Each of Your Visitors for Feedback for You to Make Changes

There is no golden rule for the perfect user-friendly site. There are just many differences between user preferences and sectors for a straightforward solution. That is the reason why there are ways to determine what your visits want to your website. The best way is asking your visitors about their experience on using your website and accessing information on each of your web pages. You may also use online polls or email campaigns for feedback. But, if you want to save money and use a small-scale solution, approach your customers in person if possible. Some good conversations can lead you to some improvement points quickly.

Never waste your time to make your site user-friendly. With an optimized content, Google would reward you with high ranking and your customers would make purchases sooner and would rate your business. When improving your site’s user experience, never forget to ask your visitors what they do and do not like about your website and test results when you make some changes. If you’re confused about the first things that you should do, Green Genie SEO can be of great help as they are expert in everything about SEO.


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Have you ever one of those moments at the computer where you are just sitting there scratching your head?  Once you figure out what the problem is you smack your forehead because it was so simple yet at the time you could not figure out what the problem was.  A lot of people are like that when it comes to their computers unless of course, you are very computer savvy.  Just a casual computer user will not know some of the very simple problems that occur with computers or how to fix them.  So let’s look at a few problems that may occur on your computer.

Sometimes our computers run slow.  Not when you are the internet, because that would be a different solution, but when you are working offline.  You can solve this by getting rid of the unused software.  You can go to the start menu and pull up all programs and uninstall the software.  Also, you want to defrag regularly and complete any system updates that are needed for your computer.

Do you have an unresponsive window or computer freeze?  By holding control, Alt, and delete together you can end the task.  If this does not work, press and hold your power button.  This will restart your computer.

If your computer shows you an error message you can write down the numbers and look it up on the Microsoft website.  Microsoft has an auto-fix feature that will fix a number of errors.  F1 on a PC gives you the help screen in any program that you are actively running.  This is a good tool to use for programs that you may not be familiar with or with new software.